10 Phrases to say to kids instead of, "Stop Crying."

positive parenting Mar 14, 2023

How many times have you told your child to stop crying when they are upset? Maybe you were in a hurry, tired, or annoyed by their tears. Perhaps you thought you were helping them calm down, toughen up, or move on. But did you know that telling your child to stop crying can negatively affect their emotional development and well-being? 

In this blog post, we will explain why crying is a natural and healthy way for kids to express their emotions and why we should avoid dismissing their feelings. We will also share ten positive parenting phrases to say to your child instead of saying, stop crying. 

These phrases will help you show your child empathy, support, and respect and help them cope better with their emotions.

1. It's okay to cry. I am here for you: This phrase shows your child that you are available and supportive and that they can count on you when they need comfort or guidance. It also helps them feel secure and loved.

2. I see that you're upset about ____? Do you want to talk about it?: This phrase validates your child's feelings and shows them that you care about what they are going through. It also invites them to open up and share their thoughts and emotions with you, which can help them process and cope better.

3. I hear you: This phrase acknowledges your child's voice and lets them know that you are listening attentively and respectfully. It also helps them feel understood and valued.

4. You're feeling ____?: This phrase helps your child name and identify their emotions, which is an important skill for emotional regulation and self-awareness. It also shows them you are empathetic and interested in their feelings.

5. I understand why you're sad/angry/frustrated. How can I help you feel better?: This phrase demonstrates your compassion and willingness to help your child overcome their negative feelings. It also encourages them to think of solutions and strategies to cope with their emotions.

6. I am listening to you. Tell me what's wrong: This phrase reinforces your child's sense that you are paying attention and caring about their problems. It also prompts them to express themselves and communicate their needs and wants.

7. You have big feelings and that's okay: This phrase normalizes your child's emotions and reassures them that they are not wrong or bad for feeling the way they do. It also helps them accept their feelings and not be ashamed or afraid of them.

8. I love you no matter what: This phrase conveys your unconditional love and acceptance of your child, regardless of their behavior or mood. It also helps them feel confident and secure in your relationship.

9. I'm sorry you're feeling this way. What can I do to help you?: This phrase expresses your sympathy and concern for your child's well-being. It also empowers them to ask for help and support when needed.

10. You're not alone. I am here for you: This phrase reminds your child that they have you and others who care about and are there for them. It also helps them feel less isolated and lonely when they are upset.

Crying is not a sign of weakness or manipulation. On the contrary, it is a normal and healthy way for kids to communicate their feelings and needs. As parents, we should not try to stop our children from crying but rather help them understand and manage their emotions. 

By using the ten positive parenting phrases we shared in this blog post, you can show your child that you care about how they feel, that you are there for them, and that you love them unconditionally. You can also help them develop emotional intelligence and resilience, which will benefit them throughout their lives. So next time your child cries, don't tell them to stop. Tell them something positive instead. You will be amazed by the difference it makes.