Courses & Workshops

I feel that I’m starting to diffuse situations which would normally lead to screaming or crying. I’m taking some time before responding and I’m listening more. The kids are also helping more around the house, and we’ve been having a lot of meaningful discussions. I feel like there has been a shift in my state of mind for the better. Parenting is hard and not connecting with your children makes it harder and more stressful. I appreciate being given some tools to make this journey a better one for all of us. ~ Marielle, mother of two 

The workshop was extremely useful to better understand the dynamics of the parent-child relationship and provided useful tools to shift certain aspects at home. Learning and practicing new tools has become very helpful at home with our children. This is an incredibly useful and fulfilling approach to parenting that every mom and dad should be aware of early in their parenthood career. ~ Andrea, mother of two children 

It has been an illuminating exploration of self-awareness with immediate benefits – I feel I have been given real tools, learned new parenting (and life) skills and received invaluable advice to help me really see how to reverse and/or improve on habits and negative patterns to the benefit of all family members. Taniesha is so honest, patient, knowledgeable and insightful – it’s been a true education!!! ~ Sarah-Jane, mother of two children 

I have learned how to set the rules together with the children in family meetings; and how important it is to follow the rules consistently. I have seen the relationships between myself and the kids becoming more harmonious and we have all things better in control. The kids have also less conflicts between themselves. Taniesha is a great trainer and coach! ~ Jasmine, mother of one child 

The workshop has benefited my family greatly. Especially the family meeting exercise which we introduced into our family has helped very much to improve our parent-child relationship. The exercise on lifestyle priorities has had the biggest impact on me as this was not only helpful to understand my children better when they are stressed but also myself and my relationship with others. ~ Susanne, mother of two children 

Taniesha is the perfect mix: sound scientific based foundation with experience as a parent herself. Family meeting is becoming a core tool for us. I am more happy with my interactions and reactions to my kids ~ Frederik, father of two children 

Taniesha is a wonderful coach/teacher in this workshop. She really tries to work with our real topics/problems and this helps us parents a lot to get a better understanding of our kids. For me a lot of what Taniesha is telling in this workshop is not totally new but to call it back into consciousness and to apply it practically is great ~ Dany, mother of one child 

This has been a fantastic 7-week course and I can’t recommend it enough! I have learned a lot about children’s needs and ways to decode and manage difficult behavior. I have learned strategies for managing challenging situations with the kids and managing my own emotional roller coaster as a parent. This workshop has helped me understand many things about recognizing and responding to children’s needs, and helped me understand that the independent and strong-willed child may be hard to handle as a parent but it’s this behavior that will lead to an independent-minded and creative spirited adult. We just need to learn some sensible ways to work together. Taniesha is an excellent coach and has been a gentle but tough mentor through these workshops. She has been a great source of wisdom as well as inspiration. 

I recommend going with your partner where possible. It’s has helped my husband and I “get on the same page” as far as parenting is concerned and it has been very bonding doing this together. ~ Jane, mother of two children 

Coaching Programs

Working with Taniesha uncovered some of my triggers that got in the way of my relationship with my teenage daughter.  Those triggers were old patterns that I never dealt with and and has taught me how to manage my emotional reactions that were damaging my communication with my daughter and relationship.  It takes much personal work of course to change, but the work I have done with Taniesha has been a guide in managing the challenges I was experiencing.  My relationship with my daughter has changed rather dramatically with significant relationship repair.  I continue to do the persona work to not go back to old habits that Taniesha has prepared me to always keep front and center. ~ Tom, father of two teens 

Our work with Dr. Burke invited a necessary shift in our thinking as parents of a teen. Now we are able to see how we were creating a dynamic in our relationship that was centered on controlling our teen rather than influencing her. Dr. Burke provided many resources for better understanding life from our teen's perspective, leading us towards empathy and connection. In the coaching sessions, we especially liked how we could use actual examples of issues we were struggling with as parents to practice new approaches and communication. As a result, we are experiencing a stronger relationship with our teen and can better support both our children and each other. ~ Andrea, mother of two teens 

Dr. Burke is a phenomenal woman and an extraordinary coach who has not only inspired me professionally but personally. In just a few short months of working with Dr. Burke, I have experienced what I can only describe as exponential internal growth. Her unique insight, her attention to the not so obvious, lends to her overall spirit and excellence as a life coach. I am blessed our paths have crossed. She is indeed exceptional. ~ Shadine, Child & Family Therapist 

I signed up for Dr. T’s 1-on-1 coaching sessions to gain some insight into my relationship patterns and unmet expectations for myself and my partner. Dr. T helped me to explore my childhood pain and the dating habits that have consistently led me to relationships that would ultimately fail. She helped me to clarify the reasons behind my desires, and to set new intentions for a more fulfilling life as a single woman, and in my search for long term partnership. I now feel more centred, happy and at peace with myself, and am also attracting men who are more appropriate for the type of relationship that I seek. ~ Victoria, Research Scientist 

I am grateful to have worked with Dr. Burke. I met her while I was attending an Academy. I took a liken to her and would go to her for advice… As I got older and entered medical school I started to do sessions with her. These sessions exceeded my expectations. Dr. Burke was integral to my completion of medical school. She was a very supportive, understanding and patient coach who never gave up on me. She provided guidance on how to create a work-life balance, motherhood, relationship, stress-management, and effective time management. I recommend her to any woman who is seeking a non-judgmental, loving, effective coach to assist them in radically changing their life. She’s a gem. Simply amazing!! exceptional. ~ Stacy-Ann, Medical Doctor 

Dr. Burke has been an invaluable resource to me during my years of working with her. She is a phenomenal coach who is always willing to share her expertise in a loving and supportive manner. There are times when she is tough and says what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. However, she is always respectful and does it with the best intentions. Dr. Burke is extremely insightful and intuitive and has taught me the benefits of focusing on self-care while establishing and maintaining a healthy family life and professional life. I am confident that she will also positively impact the lives of ALL the women who enroll in her various programs. ~ Andrea, Advocate