The Family Is The Foundation
Of A Healthy Society



My Story

It is my passion to support parents as they pursue their goals to transform themselves and their relationships they have with their children. Change is never easy, especially when it involves those we love. 

As a parent of a teen and a toddler, I’ve had my fair share of parenting problems. So, I know the struggles and challenges of raising a disciplined child and remaining grounded as an adult. 

I originally started my journey to understanding parent-child relationships as a researcher. I wanted to know all aspects of parenting that resulted in healthy relationships, and happy, confident, resilient children regardless of culture. 

The academic life was rewarding but not filling. For me, something was missing. I was uncomfortable that my research and most of the latest research findings in neuroscience, psychology, and child development were hidden behind paywall journals. For me, it was important to have the information translated and readily available to those who needed it the most - the parents. 

I transitioned from working in the academy full-time to working directly with parents. Of course, I always enjoy seeing my studies published in journals. Still, it does not compare to the fulfilment and a sense of purpose that I have found working with parents and their children. 

Receiving messages from parents about how their relationship with their children and even their spouse improved and sometimes transformed confirms that all families deserve to have the family life they desire. Some can create it on their own, while others need a helping hand. 

I am committed to helping parents enjoy their parenting journey as they learn to confidently raise their children to be human beings to positively impact this world.